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JoinEUsee > PENTA offers mobility scholarships for students at undergraduate, master and doctoral level as well as for post-doctoral fellows and academic and administrative university staff.

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged.

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged.

What can I do?

Erasmus Mundus JoinEUsee > PENTA offers scholarships for three different types of mobility on five different levels. The type and level of mobility you are eligible for depends on your nationality as well as your current and/or previous academic and professional situation.


«IMPORTANT» The scholarships only support mobility exchange from the Western Balkans to the EU and from the EU to the Western Balkans. Exchange between two EU countries and within the Western Balkans is not possible.


ATTENTION: Not every call for applications covers all levels and types of mobility. Check the information on open calls to see if the level and type of mobility you are interested in are available.


Levels of mobility

Within Erasmus Mundus JoinEUsee > PENTA you can apply for the following five levels of mobility:


Undergraduate: Applicants need to be enrolled in an undergraduate study programme (bachelor or equivalent). They need to have successfully completed at least one year of undergraduate studies (60 ECTS credits) by the time of  application.


Master: Applicants need to be currently enrolled in a master’s programme (for master exchange mobility) OR they need to have completed their undergraduate studies and hold a bachelor degree by the time of application (for master degree mobility).


Doctorate: Applicants need to be currently enrolled in a doctoral programme (for doctoral exchange mobility) OR they need to have completed their master studies by the time of application (for doctoral degree mobility).


Post-doctorate: Applicants need to be researchers holding a doctoral degree.


Staff: Applicants for staff mobility can be academic or administrative university staff. This includes lecturers and researchers and personnel working in the university administration (e.g. international relations officers, librarians, etc.).


Types of mobility


Credit transfer programme (=exchange mobility)

Undergraduate, master and doctoral exchange students spend up to one academic year at the host university. There they will follow courses and/or work on their bachelor or master thesis or – in the case of doctoral students – their research projects or dissertations. Exchange grantees remain enrolled at the home university during the mobility period. The activities to be carried out during the mobility are specified in a Learning Agreement (for undergraduate and master students) or the Mobility Activity Plan (for doctoral students). The Learning Agreement (LA) or the Mobility Activity Plan (MAP) have to be agreed on with the academic coordinator at the home university and uploaded to  the online application. Upon the grantee’s return to the home university, the activities carried out at the host university in accordance with the LA or MAP, if succesfully completed, have to be fully recognized by the home university as counting towards the student’s study programme. The LA or MAP, together with a transcript of records issued by the host university for all ECTS completed, will serve as the recognition tools.


Full degree programme

JoinEUsee > PENTA offers Western Balkan students the opportunity to complete a full master or doctoral degree programme at one of the EU partner universities. Degree seeking grantees will have the possibility to obtain a European degree that will be accompanied by a Diploma Supplement. Degree seeking grantees enroll as regular students at the EU host university upon their succesful admission.

«IMPORTANT» Full degree programmes are possible only for candidates from the Western Balkans going to the EU. Nationals of the EU may only apply for credit transfer mobility (=exchange mobility).


Short stay programme

Short stay programmes are available for post-doctoral fellows and staff for research, teaching, specialized training and activities relating to institutional cooperation.