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JoinEUsee > PENTA is an Erasmus Mundus financed partnership consisting of ten EU and ten Western Balkan partner universities as well as nine associates. Read more


JoinEUsee > PENTA offers mobility scholarships for students at undergraduate, master and doctoral level as well as for post-doctoral fellows and academic and administrative university staff. Read more

How to Apply

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged. Read more

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged.

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged.

Management Structure

The JoinEUsee > PENTA management structure is designed to ensure the involvement of all partners and their active contribution to the project implementation. Accordingly, the management structure rests on five pillars which are interdependent:


  1. Project coordination team at the University of Graz
  2. Joint-coordination team at the University of Tirana
  3. Local management teams (LMT)
  4. Steering and Selection Committee
  5. Quality Assurance Team
  6. Associate Partner Advisory Board


♦ The project coordination team at the University of Graz, acting as the coordinating institution, is responsible for guaranteeing the overall quality of the project implementation and management by providing a framework for the partners to jointly operate in. The foundation of this framework is constituted by close cooperation with all the partners and their commitment to the project and its objectives.


♦ The joint-coordination team, established at the University of Tirana, supports activities for the other partners and associates in the region and assists the coordination team in the implementation of the project.


♦ The Local Management Team at each partner university, which consists of representatives of the university management, the Office of International Relations and academic staff members, is responsible for the implementation and running of the scholarship scheme at each partner university.


♦ The Steering and Selection Committee consists of representatives of all partners and associates. It is responsible for

  • the management and overall implementation of the scholarship scheme, the dissemination of project outcomes, promotion and monitoring activities;
  • the final selection of grantees and the allocation of scholarships.


♦ The Quality Assurance Team consists of three Western Balkan universities and three EU universities. It is responsible for the monitoring of the project development. The tasks of this team are to define joint quality assurance measures and to oversee the outcomes of these measures. It is also responsible for checking the eligibility of applications submitted by candidates in target groups 2 and 3.


♦ The Associate Partner Advisory Board consists of representatives from the different associate partners. Through their expertise on the third-country region and/or higher education policy making, they have a consultative role on issues related to efficient dissemination strategies, recognition procedures, and the effective implementation of strategies leading to the successful achievement of the expected project results.