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JoinEUsee > PENTA is an Erasmus Mundus financed partnership consisting of ten EU and ten Western Balkan partner universities as well as nine associates. Read more


JoinEUsee > PENTA offers mobility scholarships for students at undergraduate, master and doctoral level as well as for post-doctoral fellows and academic and administrative university staff. Read more

How to Apply

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged. Read more

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged.

The last call for applications within JoinEUsee closed in February 2015. At this stage, no more calls are envisaged.

Aims of JoinEUsee > PENTA

The Erasmus Mundus JoinEUsee > PENTA project operates in accordance with the objectives of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programme. It strives to contribute to the achievement of better understanding and mutual enrichment between the European Union and third countries in the field of higher education and society at large.

The project does not only offer scholarship holders the opportunity to expand their academic competencies, language skills as well as social and intercultural competencies, thus improving their employability in an ever faster changing society. The work done in the context of the project aims to consolidate the academic as well as the political, cultural and economic cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan countries and within the target region.

Through the mobility and the resulting transfer of knowledge, qualifications and skills, the advancement of the Bologna Process reforms will be facilitated and grantees as well as their institutions will benefit from the mutual experience in academic, cultural and economic terms. This will contribute to the development of highly-qualified human capital, capacity building in the higher education institutions (through the fostering of the management capacities of the universities involved) and the real participation of society at large (guaranteeing the participation of students in a vulnerable situation).

AIMS at a glance:

Facilitating the mutual enrichment of societies by supporting the development of individuals’ qualifications in order to improve their employability on the labour market and help them develop open-mindedness and international experience.

Promoting the academic mobility of excellent third country students, academics and researchers, in particular from vulnerable groups, in order to maximize the impact of the project.

Enhancing the international co-operation capacity of the partner institutions by sharing good practice and knowledge in the organization of mobility programmes for the purpose of studying, joint teaching, training and research on the basis of the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunities.